Available Birds

The adoption fee for parakeets is $130 per bird; this fee covers the cost of veterinary care for our residents. Adoption fees for other species of bird are determined on a case-by-case basis, based on the amount of veterinary care these birds require. All adoptable birds have been vetted by an exotics veterinarian.
All CLEAR residents are sent to their forever homes with their enclosure, equipment (perches and toys), a carrier, a bag of appropriate food, and any other accessories they might need.

Kaya & Goose

Female Pair – Parakeet – Adult

Kaya (white) and Goose (blue) are two adult female parakeets who arrived separately as strays in June of 2022. After quarantining next to each other, they decided to shack up together- and they’re loving every minute! Kaya is more vocal and inquisitive than Goose; one of her special talents is the ability to mimic outdoor birds- which tells us she was outside for a long period of time. While Goose is more reserved, her confidence has grown since moving in with Kaya. Their foster home has said that they have a wonderful morning chorus!

Nugget & Nora

Mixed Pair – Parakeet – Adult

Nugget was found flying wild on a beach in September of 2020. After two years as a member of CLEAR’s welcoming committee, Nugget decided to fall in love with Nora when she returned to us from a foster situation. Nora reciprocated, and these two gregarious birds have been together ever since. Nora arrived at CLEAR in August of 2021 from another rescue. Nugget (likely born in early 2020) is deferential to Nora, while Nora is patient with Nugget. An ideal home for these birds would include conscientious adults and respectful children; Nora spent a period of time at a local private school, where she thrived. These two friendly munchkins are looking for a very special forever home.


Male – Cockatiel – Adult

Found in an alley in Irving Park in August of 2022. He is a quieter little guy who is starting to come out of his shell. Also a fan of male visitors and a couple of resident parakeets here at the rescue. He loves to stretch his wings and hang out with whoever will give him some attention.


Male – Cockatiel – Adult

Introducing Mr. Bixby! He was found at Belmont Harbor in August of 2022. This little guy will light up your life and enjoys spending his time bonding with any male visitor. Love to chirp and sing his heart out and be a part of the converstation.


Male – Cockatiel – Young

Hollis arrived as a stray in September of 2022. He is definitely a youngun, and is learning his way around both people and other birds. We are still getting to know Hollis, and are hopeful that he will pique someone’s interest soon.

CLEAR Alumni


Male (DNA Verified) – Canary-Winged Parakeet – 1 Year

Fado arrived at CLEAR in May of 2022 after a Good Samaritan noticed him in poor health. Fado is currently undergoing treatment for some minor ailments and will be available soon. While his plumage indicates the fact that he was neglected, this little dinosaur is incredibly curious, and excited to learn how to properly interact with humans (especially if they have his favorite treat- oat groats!). This species of South American parrot can live beyond 15 years; Fado’s forever home must be prepared to handle this commitment. A household that has prior medium bird experience is required. Hatch date: 2/10/21

Ocean & Forest

Male Pair – Parakeet – Adult

Ocean (blue) and Forest (yellow) are a pair of young male parakeets who were relinquished to our veterinary partner in April of 2022. Their foster mom says that they are closely bonded to each other, and prefer their own company to humans- and that they are thriving in a large enclosure with lots of toys! Their foster home has put a lot of time and effort into making sure these two talkative boys are happy and comfortable; we know a relaxed forever home is just around the corner for Ocean and Forest.


Male – Cockatiel – Adult

Boden was caught as a stray and relinquished to our veterinary partner in June of 2022. He is our very first cockatiel, and we are thrilled to be working with him! He likes being a part of family meal time in his foster home, and strikes up a conversation with any creature around. We think Boden will be excellent for a household that has the patience to work with a bird who is learning to navigate a new environment.


Female – Parakeet – Young

Ash was found as a stray in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago in June, 2022. She’s a very confident young lady, with lots to say. We are still getting to know Ash and her inquisitive nature. Ash would thrive in a patient home willing to spend the time it takes to train a younger bird.

Sunny & Frost

Mixed Pair – Parakeet – Adult/Young

Sunny (yellow, adult, F) and Frost (pied, young, M) have had a rocky journey, but we’re hoping to find them the perfect forever home. This bonded pair came to CLEAR in August of 2021 as a transfer from another rescue. They were adopted by a wonderful Afghan refugee who had just arrived in Chicago and was missing the budgies she left behind. Unfortunately for Sunny and Frost, their first adoptive mom found a job in California and was unable to take them with her, so they came back to us.

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