Chicagoland Exotic Animal Rescue


Adult – Male – Indian Ringneck

Raja is a sweet and distinguished older gentleman who enjoys life more leisurely. His favorite thing to do is sit on top of his cage and watch the world… or classic BBC television shows such as As Time Goes By and Keeping Up Appearances. Calm is the operative theme in his days. He is a quiet, content boy who takes his daily medications politely on a piece of fruit or banana chip. Not much seems to bother Raja, unless it’s very loud or a nosey animal attempts to steal his food. Then he does an amazing seagull impression. Raj’s favorite thing to do is hang out alone together, no need for much interaction, really… just quiet company.

Though arthritic and nearly old enough to gamble, Raj isn’t slowing down or showing his age very much. He’s very capable at navigating flight, he likes to climb and perch… and he enjoys being handed walnuts so he can snack while enjoying the works of Dame Judy Dench and Patricia Rutledge.