Chicagoland Exotic Animal Rescue

Meet Our Ambassadors


It was love at first sight for Bingo and executive director Jessica. Bingo, a male sun conure of unknown age, was dumped at a wildlife facility in the far suburbs, and they knew exactly whom to call. When Jessica first opened Bingo’s carrier in September of 2021, he politely asked for head scritches- and the rest was history! Jessica tried to rehome Bingo, but he made it known that he had adopted CLEAR, so he became our first education ambassador. Bingo loves being the star of the show, and educating the public about the needs (and volume!) of medium exotic birds is where he shines. Although we don’t know how old Bingo his, the vets and Jessica both think he’s on the elderly side- and we treasure every day we have with our favorite rainbow boy.

Bella & Ivy

Bella arrived at CLEAR during the spring of 2023, when her human passed away. She has chronic health issues and requires 2 medications twice a day. She’s a sassy girl, but she’s very attuned to people and loves sitting in on meetings and being a part of any conversation. She and Ivy, a stray also found in the spring of 2023, were quarantine neighbors and threw a daily ruckus until they were allowed to move in together. Ivy is sweet as pie, but she depends on Bella’s gumption to give her confidence. They are the perfect pair to educate the public about parakeets’ propensity for friendliness.


Jubilee was born in 2008 to a breeder in Old Irving Park. The breeder was diagnosed with cancer, and she reached out to CLEAR to help her responsibly rehome her collection. Until that time, Jubilee’s digs were sparse and pretty boring; now she’s living it up with new enrichment decor every other week. She’s a very busy old lady, and she loves exploring new environments when she goes out on programs.

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