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Adult – Male – Cockatiel

Cinnamon is the sweetest boy ever. He came to CLEAR as a fearful, nearly feral boy from a free flying hoarding situation with his head feathers pretty severely plucked out by other birds. Oh boy has he come a long way since then!  Being of a gentle nature, he has never shown any irritability toward humans or other birds, so we weren’t surprised when he began allowing his neck feathers to rest on a finger while munching millet out of hand. Although he does not yet welcome head scritches, he does proudly step up for his millet treats. I swear he is saying “thank you” between bites of millet! It’s definitely a special two syllable high low note chortle that sounds like thank you to me. What a good boy! Cinnamon eats typical bird seed blend and loves his fresh chop daily.  We are just beginning to work to get him to accept Harrison’s pellets into his diet. He is starting to peck at toys a bit which is progress for sure as he clearly did not have toys in his previous life. The best thing about Cinnamon is his beautiful singing voice. It’s truly mellifluous! Also he stomps around on top of his cage with his wings spread showing us what a big boy he is. We call it Batmanning:)

Cinnamon’s happy voice can reach some decibels so he may not be right for someone in an apartment with very thin walls. He does settle into quietude for long periods throughout the day and he happily climbs up to his favorite perch each evening as I cover his cage for quiet bedtime.
Oh, and his head feathers are nearly completely grown back in so he’s become a very handsome chap that would love to join your flock.