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Adult – Female – Cockatiel
Horton came to CLEAR very recently as a lost stray bird. She was super dusty and thin with ragged dirty tail feathers, poor girl. She passed her vet clearance right away though, and has made the quickest turn around!
Darling Horton is a quiet natured girl who loves her spritz/mist baths so much.  It is so cute when she opens up her wings and tilts all around to make sure that we spritz everything single lemon yellow feather, even her wing pits, hahaha! She even loves mist on her face and head! Like a true princess, she lives for spa day and it shows. She’s so pretty and clean now. Horton loves her toys and exploring outside of her cage each afternoon. Being new to her foster family she isn’t ready to take treats from our hands, but oh boy… is she ever interested! It looks like it won’t be long before dear Horton is stepping up. She’s an open minded gal demonstrated by the fact that she started tasting fresh chop within just a few days of seeing her fellow foster cockatiel Cinnamon, and her foster family’s homeflock budgies chomping away on their dishes of chop.
She will be an easy an enjoyable pet for the lucky person or family that adopts her.