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Moy – Female – Cockatiel

Moy is a gregarious girl; both inquisitive and talkative!

Moy, named for our friend Dr. Moy at Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital, came to CLEAR as a stray and had experienced food and water scarcity. So far, her favorite treat is millet. Moy enjoys spending her days in her foster mom’s office– listening to her favorite music- big band and swing music. So far, she hasn’t loved any fresh food, but enjoys throwing it on the floors for any nearby dogs or cats. It’s a fun game that Moy and grateful dogs appreciate. Moy will let you know both what she wants and what she doesn’t want. For instance, if she is unhappy with you in her personal space, she does an excellent impression of an annoyed snake. When Moy is happy she does an equally excellent impression of a slightly less-annoyed snake.
Moy’s favorite thing in the entire world is calm, personal space. Her second favorite thing in the entire world is to take a bath with a spray bottle. She will spread her wings and stretch and ask you to spray more… and, oh, it’s so cute. Moy is an adorable, gregarious cockatiel who will make a great companion for anyone. Her adopter is going to be a lucky one.