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Caper – Quaker Parrot – Adult – M (DNA sexed)
Do you like little green fluffy balls of adventure? Caper the Quaker LOVES to explore- in fact, we’re pretty sure this penchant for new experiences is how he ended up in the wilds of Andersonville in July. Caper may have come from a difficult home- he likes to vocalize like a sad puppy with separation anxiety when he’s worried about something- but he makes up for it by picking up on new phrases very quickly.
Right now Caper is working on learning the phrase “good bird” and taking treats from humans. He knows that people aren’t scary and is learning how to open up- but he is still fairly uncertain how to make friends. Daily socialization work is helping immensely! We know that a forever family with patience and an interest in avian training will help Caper gain his confidence.
Are you his copilot for future adventures?