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Bon Bon

Have you ever wanted a unicorn disguised as a Green Cheek Conure? If so, Bonbon is the bird for you! This little girl has had a charmed life- parents who loved her deeply and made her the center of attention, an excellent pellet diet supplemented by fresh produce and treats, and a huge flight cage with all the toys she could possibly play with. She does a great impression of the microwave and smoke alarm beeps, and quacks like a duck when she’s happy. Bon is 3 years old and looking to be the spoiled only bird child in her forever home. She’s great with people, but as a typical GCC she can be nippy when she’s overstimulated. (I mean, but, who among us has not, right?)  Bonbon has had a full avian communicable disease panel and received a clean bill of health from our vet. Is Bonbon your forever unicorn bird? If so, consider filling out an adoption application today!