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Our History

CLEAR was first conceptualized by Jessica Katz during her graduate program at Regis University. After procuring a Bachelor’s Degree in animal science and wildlife biology, Jessica received a Master’s Degree in nonprofit management in 2012. Beginning with her first job in pet care at age 16, Jessica saw that there was a gap in the culture of how people cared for birds, reptiles, and fish: dogs and cats have multitudes of local and nationally-based rescue organizations, while exotic animals were often abandoned, illegally released, or relinquished to the few exotic animal organizations that were already at or beyond capacity. After rescuing her first parakeet from the woods in Michigan in 2015, an opportunity to facilitate change and promote a different kind of pet care culture presented itself. Several like-minded individuals came together in August of 2021 to form CLEAR’s founding board.

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Betty & Blanche

Female Pair - Parakeet - Adult

Betty (blue pied) and Blanche (violet pied) are gorgeous adult female parakeets named after celebrity and renown animal activist Betty White and her show, The Golden Girls. They are CLEAR’s 100th and 101st rescues! These two girls are a bonded pair- they stick together like glue. They would do best in a home that would help them to slowly acclimate to the recent changes in their new lives. Their adoption fee includes their enclosure, cage furniture, a bag of parakeet food, and everything else their forever family needs to succeed in terms of parakeet care. Betty and Blanche will be available once they complete their initial intake medical hold. 

Sunny & Cher

Mixed Pair – Parakeet – Adult

Sunny (?) and Cher (F) are a pair of adult parakeets who arrived at CLEAR in December of 2022 after their 86-year-old owner’s living situation changed. Sunny loves to sing and chatter (we think they’re a male, but it’s difficult to tell with pied parakeets!) to Cher, and both of them love hopping around their clean enclosure. Sunny and Cher settled into rescue life very quickly, but we know that they’ll be happier in a forever home where they can receive all of the attention they deserve. 

SPICE Birds (Transport)

10 Male – Cockatiels

These 10 male cockatiels were rescued from a horrific hoarding situation by a partner organization. They had never had an enclosure to call their own, proper diets, or thoughtful human interaction. With the assistance of their foster families, these boys- all named after herbs and spices- are learning to trust people and settle into the good life. Do you have room in your home and heart for one of these sweet cockatiels?

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Our Board

Jessica Katz

Founder and Executive Director

Laura Sparks

Board President

Dave Ciepluch

Board Member

Jeffery Schott


Krysten Baretto


Anne Franco

Member at Large